U Are Garden Business Auxiliary electric heater to the effect of air conditioning unit

Auxiliary electric heater to the effect of air conditioning unit

What are the roles of the auxiliary electric heater to the air conditioner? Let’s talk about it. When the lower ambient temperature, the lower the work efficiency of the air conditioner host, the lower the temperature and the thermos of the ambient temperature and the heating standards are far from the air conditioning unit design, according to the standard working condition. The heat of standard working conditions. In this case, the auxiliary electric heater is required to be added to the air conditioner. In order to improve the operational efficiency of the unit, the service life of the extension unit is to increase the auxiliary heat source equipment, and the auxiliary electric heater is an ideal auxiliary heat source equipment. Because such devices do not require any other auxiliary equipment, there is a need for small investment than other equipment such as small boilers than other devices such as small boilers, and maintain convenient maintenance. Auxiliary electric heaters can be used to achieve linkage control with the electric space heaters central air conditioning unit, and the water temperature is preheated to the circulating water, which ensures the normalization and operation of the air conditioning unit, and improves the heating efficiency and heating effect of the air conditioner unit. Therefore, the total power consumption is relatively increased. When the auxiliary electric heater is designed, the stainless steel structure is small, the size is small, the land is small, the mobile is convenient, and the waterproof design has strong corrosion resistance. It is used between stainless steel liner and stainless steel housing. Thickened insulation layer, lowest temperature level, maintain hot water temperature, saving electric energy. The main components of the electric heating tube use imported materials, and the processing process also uses advanced production equipment and processes, with different voltages to play higher performance; its insulation, withstand voltage, moisture resistance It is higher than the national standard and is safe and reliable. Additional auxiliary electric heaters are equipped with excellent thermostats and overheat protector, but users can not only provide temperature, but can control water temperature and water shortage over temperature protection, avoid damage to the heating element and system, extend equipment Life. The above is the role of the auxiliary electric heater to the air conditioner, I hope to help everyone.