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CNC machining process analysis

1. Industrial analysis of CNC milling

When a numerical control milling process of a part is formulated? First, the partial graph is analyzed, and its main content is the choice of CNC milling processing content. The process range of the CNC milling machine is wide than the ordinary milling machine, but its price is much higher than that of ordinary milling machines, so when choosing CNC milling processing, it should be considered in two aspects of actual needs and economics. The following processing parts are usually selected for their processing content. (1) Curve profile on the part, particularly curved profiles such as non-circular curves and list curves depicted by mathematical expressions.

(2) Spatial surfaces of Precision CNC Machining the mathematical model have been given. (3) The shape is complex, the size is large, and the line and the difficulty of detecting are difficult.

(4) It is difficult to observe, measure and control the internal and outer grooves for the process using universal milling machine.

(5) Simple surfaces can be milked out in a single installation.

(6) Can be multiplied to increase productivity, greatly reduce the general machining content of physical labor intensity. 2. Process analysis

The processing center processing program is an important task of numerical control processing, including the analysis of the process, choice of parts. Processing content of the machining center and processing of design parts.

The process analysis of the part is the primary work of the processing of machining technology. Its task is to analyze the integrity, correctness, and technical requirements of the parts graph, select processing content, analyze the structural process and positioning baselines of parts. The part subject to the machining center processing is explained. The processing content selection here is that the part is selected, and the part is selected for the surface of the machining center. The surface here is usually referred to as a surface having a higher dimensional accuracy;

(2) surface position accuracy requires high surface

(3) Easy to make a complex curve of ordinary machine tools, curved (4) Capable surface