U Are Garden Business Why else would God create sons and daughter, if not to experience Himself through us?

Why else would God create sons and daughter, if not to experience Himself through us?

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So therefore it is logical He would need to create a safety mechanism – a state of mind – for each part of Him to use this Christ mind in order to come back into oneness with Him.

The Fall of Man came when most souls on Earth jesus christ gospel of love believed they were Not of God. They believed the serpents lie that we are “less than God” and therefore “are not God”. The serpents’ apple represents the Anti-christ consciousness, which is the “separation” consciousness, where you believe “your” mind is separate to God’s mind and you choose to go your own way. This is why most people on Earth, including most Christians find it sacrilegious when any person proclaims We Are All Gods, for they truly believe they are not God. Yet is it not sacrilegious to refute the Bible’s own quote: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God”?

Is it not sacrilegious to refute Jesus’ own telling of his story in the Bible where he told the Scribes and Pharisees (the religious folk of the time) – Ye Are All Gods! The religious folk of the time rejected and condemned Jesus for making this statement. Every soul on Earth is either a part of God and therefore God, or they are not – and there are NO exceptions.

God did not say: “I will separate My consciousness into many different parts (sons and daughters), and only accept certain parts of Me back who Prove Their Worth To Me”. God is not a narcissist like so many human beings on Earth who needs people to prove their worth to Him. God’s parts of Himself are ALL worthy. God sees the true worth of all parts of Himself. He created the Christ mind to help all parts of Himself see Their Own True Worth and the reality They Are Him.

Most Christians go to church, yet they never dare “Let this mind be in them that was also in Christ Jesus”. They fear they will be rejected from their Human Church if they dare compare themselves to God and put themselves on the same level as God. They fear they will be ostracized, and the sad reality is, in many churches if you were to proclaim You and God are the One Being, you WOULD be ostracized!

The question remains: Are you willing to let this mind be in You which was also in Christ Jesus? Are you willing to “come into oneness” with all parts of God and God the Creator Himself and to recognize that You Are God? If you are not, and you reject this article as God’s Truth, then you will bring judgment upon yourself and you will separate yourself even further from God. And it does not matter what church you go to, for Jesus will not save you, only You can save yourself when you see yourself as One With God.